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Auction Listings


B&H Self Storage Auction

June 23, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

670 E. Pine Log Road Aiken, SC 29803

(803) 648-4188

Household items, Boxes, Furniture and other miscellaneous items

Friday August 30th @9:00am              Phone: 803-547-8989
Storage & Business Centre of Tega Cay
Address and Phone Number of Store/Auction Location: 2012 W. Highway 160 Ft. Mill S.C. 29708
Items to be Auctioned and/or Unit Customer Information: Unit #2133 5×15 Sleeper sofa , leather sofa and chair, furniture, boxes and totes  Unit # 2236 10×15 2 TV’s, antique tables Grandfather clock, 2 turntables and albums, kitchen table and chairs, dresser, sofa & chair. boxes & totes. Unit #1063 Commercial drop ceiling lights, sink, dehumidifier, printer, boxes & totes. 2 10×10 Manager units
Friday, June 21st @ 11:00, Please arrive in time to sign in.
1005 Arbor Keats Drive Simpsonville, SC 29680
Items to be Auctioned:
Beds, Mattress Sets, Rug, Utility Dolly, Boxes & Bins, Dale Jr. Child’s Ride On Car, Knick Knack Rack, Television, Cases, Guitar Hero Controllers
Saturday, March 30th @ 9:00AM
Location :Monster Self Storage – 9700 Two Notch Road, Columbia SC
Phone :877.76.STORE
Notes :Tammy Jones– Dining table and chairs, Buffet, Framed Art, Bed Set, Couch, Floral Arrangement, Lamps, Home Décor, Misc
Karina M. Lannan– Totes, Cleaners, Coolers, Misc
Sterling J. Johnson- Bed, Tvs, Vacuum, Lamp, Children’s Furniture, Bookcase, Couch, Luggage, Toys, Heater, Misc.
Catherine O. Scothorn– Framed Prints/Paintings, Air Tank, Tires, Barstools, Ladder, Home Decor, Car Seat, Partition, Vacuum, Dining Chairs, Bookcases, Christmas Tree Stand, Wicker Chair, Headboard, Misc
Satara S. Dunlap– Sofa, Luggage, Play Pen, TVs, Mattresses, Toys, Small Hutch, Dresser, Bread Maker, Clothes, Misc
Tewanda C. Smith– Sofa, Love Seat, Totes, Bags, Misc
Judy T. Taylor–Furniture, Hope Chest, Mattress Set, Home Decor, Christmas Decorations, Misc
Christopher L. Dozier– TV, Microwave, Mattress Set, Futon Frame, Side table, Wall Clock, Totes, Chair, Misc
Robert W. Knarr – Mattress, Bed, Flat Panel Tv, Clothes, Office Chair, Luggage, Misc
Roger P. Tucker– Shop Vac, Mattresses, Ladder, Cleaning Supplies, Vinyl Flooring, Mop, Paint Buckets, Carpet Samples, Gardening Tools, Gas Can, Entertainment Center, TV, Joint Tape, Weights, Misc
Willie A. Smythe– Buckets, Hose, Boxes, Misc
Senelvia D. McIver– Clothing, Tire on Rim, Side Tables, TV, Totes, Couch, Fan, Stools, Stereo, Luggage, Vacuum, Weights, Home Decor, Chairs, Misc
Dyshanna L. Minick– TVs, Freezer, Couch, Mattress, Heater, Outdoor Chairs, Subwoofer, Hutch, Microwave, DVDs, Rims, Misc
Phillis M. Cain– Tires on Rims, Ab Lounger, TV, Vacuums, Cooler, Crutches, Fishing Rods, Gas Cans, Gardening Tools, Headboard, Dog Bed, Totes, Jumper Cables, Luggage, Bedding, Side Table, Tackle Boxes, Propane Tanks, Fan, Misc
Gabriel J. Roundtree– Grill, Stereo, Computer, Monitor, Shoes, Microwave, Speakers, TV Console, Click Clack Sofa, Misc
Phyllis J. Aldrich– Couch, Recliner, Desk, Armoire, Bed Set, Misc
Saturday, March 9th, 2013 @ 9:00AM
Location :Monster Self Storage – 1522 N. Jefferies Hwy
1065 Robertson Blvd
12214 Cottageville Hwy.
Phone :877.76.STORE
Notes :1522 N. Jefferies Hwy
Lattoy D. Jenkins – bike, dresser, microwave, mattress sets, tv, coffeemaker, iron, paper jam guitar, totes, bags, luggage, bed rails, boxes, misc.
1065 Robertson Blvd
Tyrone Ancrum – restaurant tables and booths, misc.
Ruby D. Mincey – totes, boxes, cane poles, luggage, mirror, tricycle, pictures, fabric, wood ironing board, toolboxes, dishes, sleeping bag, chair, tarp, misc.
Kenji K. Yates – flat screen tv’s, fan, coffee table, dressers, mattresses, dinette set, pots, mirrors, microwaves, sleigh bed, lamps, tv stand, couch, end tables, bags, loveseat, bed sets, boxes, misc.
Ladana T. Young – dresser w/mirror and hutch, luggage, totes, misc.
Yolanda Bryant – mattress sets, table, buffet, couch, coffee table, dressers, lamps, chairs, armoire, boxes, misc.
John F. Black – dryer, sofa tables, end tables, coffee tables, computer, childs recliner, barstools, chairs, sofa, dining tables, mirror, boxes, home decor, card table, mattress sets, misc.
Lillian Williams – boxes, books, tree stand, stuffed spongebob, bow, gas can, backpacks, misc.
Lillian Williams – exersaucer, tennis racket, clothes, bags, totes, boots, misc.
Sherry Seif – boxes, crutches, totes, blankets, bags, misc.
Irene Stephens – washer, recliner, gaming chair, luggage, walker, stroller, boxes, bed rails, mattresses, printer, ball pit, rug, misc.
David F. Stanley – office chair, dog kennel, aquariums, boat motor, bikes, movie racks, chairs, tables, boxes, grill, tackle box, lamp, troller motor, deerhead, wrapping paper, tarp, totes, misc.
Shawna M. Scott – tv, dresser, foot bath, massagers, luggage, totes, end table, shadow box, dvd player, ps2, backpack, table, bookshelf, boxes, bags, wedding dress, misc.
Joseph B. Ferneza – tvs, luggage, travel swing, booster seat, wrapping paper, high chair, computer, changing table, armoire, exersaucer, mattresses, dressers, guitar case, childs easel, misc.
Hope L. Robinson – folding table, tv, bike, porcelain dolls, cinderblocks, auger, washer, dryer, chairs, mattress set, guitar, shark floor steamer, clothes, bedding, pictures, boxes, bags, luggage, misc.
Jacqueline E. Green – bags, loveseat, end tables, luggage, chandelier table lamps, shoe rack, chair, planter stands, headboard, boxes, recliner, dining table, misc.
12214 Cottageville Hwy.
Stacey L. Benoist – dressers, mattresses, bed frame, desk, Christmas tree stand, boxes, curio, bookshelf, recliner loveseat, misc.
Nannette E. Walker – window ac units, headboard, mattress sets, tv, dining room table, washer, chairs, entertainment center, paintings, misc.
Company Name: Plantation Self Storage, Lexington SC
Auction Date: Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 @ 10:00AM
Address and Phone Number of Store/Auction Location: 250 Old Cherokee Road Lexington, SC 29072 803-996-6690
Items to be Auctioned and/or Unit Customer Information: Unit #2309 – Anthony Rudnicki: Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes
Saturday, October 20th, 2012 @ 10:00 AM
Location: Interstate Self Storage – 30 Interchange Blvd Greenville SC 29607
Phone: 864-627-9299
Contents: Unit A34 – Kyoto Fantasy Express: restaurant equipment
Unit A27 – Michael Roberts: computer, wire, speakers, tools, night stands
Unit C25 – Cheryl Warren: couch, mini fridge
Managers Unit – washer/dryer, misc items
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