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Member Benefits FAQ

Q. What does the South Carolina Self Storage Association do?

  • The SSASC performs three primary functions:
  • Educating operators about the laws of the state and better business practices
  • Assists operators in day to day operations and expenses of running their businesses
  • Represents operators in Legislative issues, watching for upcoming changes and working to effect better, more modern laws that will help but the customers and the operators.

Q. Why should I join the South Carolina Self Storage Association?

  • Being a member of the SSASC gives you direct access to the new information and new legislative updates that happening daily in South Carolina. When you attend our quarterly meetings, you are educated on new operating techniques, new technologies that specifically help Self Storage, new marketing concepts, revenue generating ideas and expense cutting techniques, networking and, perhaps the most valuable reason, learning about the things that didn’t work and that you should avoid…
  • The simple answer is that joining the SSASC is the first step toward creating a Highly Successful and Very Valuable Self Storage operation!

Q. What benefits do I get as a member?

A. As an SSASC member you will enjoy:

  • A FREE affiliate membership with the national Self Storage Association - National Self Storage Association
  • Use of our association sponsored Rental Agreement
  • Educational Webinars Offered by Industry Professionals with Exceptional Skill and Expert Insights
  • The ability to post up coming auctions on the SSASC website
  • Use of a LIEN SALE CHECKLIST that was compiled from some of the best Operators in the State!
  • Great LOCAL networking right here in YOUR backyard! We have roving meetings that cover the entire state – from the mountains to the sea!
  • Attendance to our LOCAL quarterly meetings and the great educational and networking opportunities (and a great FREE lunch!)
  • Regional Conventions that Pull Storage Professionals from All Over the Southeast
  • Access to post a job opening on our statewide website
  • Our list of Vendors that offer special deals and discounts to SSASC members!
  • Use of a FULL Set of Operational Forms that were compiled from some of the best Operators in the State!
  • Our many downloadable educational presentations
  • Our library of Articles and other information on Self Storage Operations
  • Legislative Monitoring The SSASC retains a lobbyist to monitor legislative issues, discuss possible plans of action and keep the membership informed of current political matters.
  • And much, much more!

Q. How much does it cost to join the South Carolina Self Storage Association?

Q.  How do I join?


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Self Storage Association of South Carolina

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